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Staff Parking Lot
For the safety of your children, please do not use the parking lot to drop off or pick up your children. There is not sufficient room for student drop off or pick up from 8:00a.m. until 4:00p.m.
Centennial Traffic Safety Plan 
It is wonderful to be the school of choice for so many families who do not live near Centennial School, however, with so many children being dropped off and picked up, the traffic/parking situation near the school requires everyone’s cooperation if we are to meet our primary goal of keeping children safe as they arrive and depart from school. 
There are a few things that all parents can pay attention to that will improve the situation: 
Drop and go – bring your children to school ten minutes prior to the entry bell, drop them off in the drop off zone along 57 Avenue or along the curb on 175 Street and then leave. Teachers are on supervision at that time and the lunch supervisors are on the playground all through the noon hour. When picking up children, arrange a pick up location, pick up and leave. Please do not leave your vehicle parked, in the front drop off zone. Be sure to pull over to the curb in the 1st free spot rather than stopping double parked and blocking the road to those coming behind. At times this results in vehicles double parked and students in potentially dangerous situations. Pylons are placed at the corner of 174 Street and 57 Avenue and at the crosswalk on 57 Avenue just east of the school to indicate a no stopping zone; this increases visibility at the crossing. To reinforce our request that the area where the pavement widens on 57th avenue in front of the school is for pick up and drop off only we have a wooden sign that reads: 
Bus Loading zone No Parking. 
Drop Off or Pick-up Only 
Do Not Leave Vehicle Unattended. 
Please do not model or allow your children to cross between parked cars. If you must come into the school, park along 174 Street. If you are meeting students on the south side of the cross walks, do not have them jay walk. Please remember our theme of Safety before Convenience and help us to get everyone to and from school safely.