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Parent Groups

At Centennial Elementary, we believe that parent involvement is a critical factor in children’s educational success. Our parents are active partners in education, whether they assist in the classroom, participate in the School Council, or act as at home support. If you are interested in sharing your talents and time with us, please contact the school office.

Centennial Parent School Council & The Gariepy Parents’ Association

What is the Centennial Parent School Council (PSC)?

Your Centennial PSC – is a collective association of parents and Centennial School representatives who work together to effectively support and enhance student learning at Centennial.

PSC elected parent reps. – Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary (elected at previous June meeting) and Kindergarten Liaison (still needed)

Meetings Open to All – all PSC meetings are open, and all parents are invited to attend and participate.  It is a wonderful opportunity to: hear about what is happening at Centennial, including upcoming initiatives, changes and projects, and consult with/provide advice to Centennial representatives.  Meets - one night a month, for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours.   Child-minding is available!

What is the Gariepy Parents’ Association (GPA)?

The GPA is a legally registered society under the Alberta Societies Act.

GPA elected parent reps. – President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board members

Casino Activities - applies for grants & casino licenses (casino held every 2nd year – next one in 2017/2018 school year).  

Other Fundraising Activities – as of the 2016-2017 school year, all Centennial fundraising activities will be conducted through the GPA.  

Monthly meetings held in conjunction with PSC meetings.

Last year, grants awarded to the GPA, and casino monies, supported, among other things:
Technology Upgrades
Grade 6 Camp
Skiing & Skating lessons
Library Books
Classroom Educational Games
Alien In-line Skating
Music Instruments
Phys. Ed. Equipment
Educational enrichment and Cultural experiences

PSC and GPA Volunteer Opportunities
PSC and GPA volunteering is critical to being able to raise funds and support extra activities and materials to enhance your kids’ school experience. Opportunities and time involved - There are many PSC and GPA volunteering opportunities; volunteering can involve as little or as much time as you can spare – even an hour helps!  Some of your PSC- and GPA-run activities that need volunteers include:

PSC/GPA Welcome Back BBQ  
Serving Food
GPA Fundraiser – Meat Products Sale
Consolidating and organizing orders
Handing out products on delivery days
GPA Fundraiser – Spell-a-thon
roles to be identified
PSC/GPA Family Dance
Building/painting sets
Dance set-up
Various dance activities
GPA Fundraiser – to be determined, if necessary
PSC/GPA Teddy Bear Picnic
Setting up
Serving Food
Cleaning up