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Lunch & Nutrition

We encourage students to eat lunch at home unless they are coming for a special reason i.e. clubs or intramurals or adult supervision is not available at home. We offer our lunch program as a non profit convenience for families.

Children who attend lunch program on a regular basis pay a monthly user fee of $14.00 or a yearly fee of $140.00 to cover the costs of lunch supervisory staff. Children who attend occasionally pay a fee of $1.40/day. This includes students participating in student leadership, various clubs, choir, etc. These students are supervised by lunch staff in the classroom and/or on the field.

Student Expectations:

• Be polite and respectful to other students and the Lunchroom Aide Supervisor.

• Enter and leave the lunchroom in an orderly manner.

• Remain seated while eating.

• Eat lunches displaying good manners.

• Talk using indoor voices.

• Tidy eating area – table & floor, ensure all of the containers and uneaten portions of lunch are put back into the student’s lunch bag.

• Wait for the Lunchroom Aide to dismiss.

• Look out for your safety and the safety of others, treat others fairly.

• Remain on school property, the forest is outside the school boundaries.

Parents must notify the office prior to lunch if a student has permission to leave the school grounds. Students who do not cooperate with these expectations may be suspended from the lunchroom and the activities, which are part of the lunchroom program. The suspension can range from 1 day to the end of the year. If you choose to use the lunch program please make payment to the school office prior to using the program. If you are paying monthly, payment is due at the beginning of the month.